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Every day, hard working people go to work to do their jobs only to fall prey to on the job injuries and accidents. Through no fault of their own, many people find themselves injured on the job and unable to work until their injuries heal. The time away from work, the pain they endure and the psychological impact of the injury can take years to heal and thousands of dollars to treat. Unfortunately, many employers do not want to take care of the injured employee and offer low ball offers or even threats of dismissal if the employee presses the issue and demands restitution or treatment. When this happens to you, it is time to call in an attorney who can help you file a claim.

A worker’s compensation claim can help the injured employee get the money they need to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses that come up in treating an accident. Often when an employee is injured on the job, the company’s insurance provider will make a one time offer to the injured person. Many times, this offer will not cover the ongoing expenses associated with treatment and accepting it leaves the injured party with no recourse for further legal action. A worker’s compensation attorney has experience and knowledge in injury claims that can help them asses the fairness of any offers made by the insurance company, and can negotiate until a fair settlement is reached.

Additionally, we can investigate the company to make sure there are no other claims of this type against them. If the attorney finds evidence that these types of injuries have happened before, they can file charges of negligence against the employer and prove a track record of failure to provide a safe working environment. A lawyer can help investigate the circumstances, environment and equipment involved in the accident to help determine who is culpable for the accident and take legal action accordingly.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a workplace accident, call us today to discuss your case. Consultations are free and they could be the first step in getting you the settlement you need to cover your treatment and time away from work. You can be absolutely certain the employer and their insurance providers have lawyers looking out for their interests and you should, too. The worker’s compensation claim process can be confusing, overwhelming and scary to navigate on your own and mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars you cannot afford to loose.

Workplace accidents happen every day and while no one causes them on purpose, someone has to be accountable for taking care of the injured party. Do not end up bearing the brunt of the expenses on your own because you accept a low ball offer from the insurance company or bungle the process by handling it yourself, hire an attorney and get the settlement you need to take care of yourself and all of your financial obligations.

Laws require employers to provide safe working environments for their employees. Your employer is obligated to abide by these laws and the majority of them do. However accidents will happen and in many cases these accidents are caused by negligence on behalf of the company or a co-worker. If you have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to compensation under Workers’ Compensation laws in Tennessee. Call a Nashville workers’ compensation lawyer at Griffith & Roberts for a¬†free case evaluation.

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