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Have You Been Injured in an Accident?

You are in pain. You are hurting. And worried. Financial pressures are mounting because of the injuries to you. Your family is being affected by the pain and stress that has happened to you.

Your pain may be getting better but not completely. Is it going to be permanent? What if I need surgery? Who is to pay these bills and lost time from work? All of this because someone was being careless and irresponsible. No one should needlessly endanger our community.

You’re not alone. Tennesseans are injured in road accidents such as car, bicycle, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents all the time, not to mention other types of accidents from unsafe property and more. The team at Griffith and Roberts helps people deal with the legal fall-out of serious accidents like yours every day. We can help.


Every lawyer page you see says the same thing…. “WE FIGHT FOR YOU?” Isn’t that everyone’s job? Of course it is. So you need to ask yourself, what makes these guys different?

First, John and Jeff are both former claims adjusters. John Griffith worked for both Progressive Insurance and State Farm Insurance, both before and during his law school education. Although recruited to work for both after law school, John refused and immediately followed his plan of doing nothing but working for PEOPLE, and NOT INSURANCE COMPANIES! Insurance companies love only one thing, their own money. With this insider knowledge, John and Jeff use it to leverage the absolute best possible results for YOU.

Secondly, John and Jeff go the full distance for their clients. While 95% of our cases settle prior to trial, the bottomline is… every once in a while the insurance companies do not get to call the shots, and have to answer to a fair jury. We have spent our entire career honing our trial skills to deliver maximum justice and results for our clients. Both John and Jeff are nationally recognized trial lawyers. Both have attended the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College which opens its invitations to only a few select trial lawyers throughout the country. The awards and accolades and thanks from their clients are numerous and overwhelmingly excellent.

You should do your own research into the background of any attorney before your hire them. Do they have the knowledge and reputation to get your outstanding results? Are they recognized by their peers as being the BEST of the BAR? Have they been disciplined or had their bar privileges revoked? Do they even have malpractice coverage in place in case they mess up your case? When is the last time they tried a jury trial? What was the result?

If your attorney cannot answer these questions and show you these results, you might want to keep searching and not settle for less. John and Jeff will be happy to show you their results, credentials, accolades, and success stories from their clients. We will make it easy for you to meet with us. Anytime. Anywhere.

What are 2 things you must know before signing any forms for an insurance adjuster?

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Recent Client Results

$4 Million Settlement in Trucking Case – Obtained a $4 million settlement against a trucking company and other businesses on behalf of a man who suffered traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries in a collision on the interstate.

$1.4 Million Jury Verdict in Automobile Collision caused by DUI driver – Obtained a jury verdict for a man who was permanently disabled due to a car wreck caused by an intoxicated driver who had multiple prior DUIs. Williamson County Circuit Court Case Number 08442.

$1.25 Million Settlement for a cyclist struck by a dump truck

$1.15 Million Settlement in Bus Wreck Case – Obtained a settlement against a bus company due to a wreck that occurred on the interstate.

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